Glen R. from Pueblo, CO

I thought Medical Guardian would be different from the other medical alert companies, but the product is the same and now I feel like I’m being charged unfairly.

Thank you for your feedback, Glen. It’s true that most of the medical alert companies use the same products, but the reason why the price might be different is because we include top of the line, 24/7 monitoring services, excellent customer service, and no long-term contracts.

Ken B. from Columbus, OH

I ordered the system 3 weeks before I needed it so I would have it for the day my Mom moved in, and I was told it would arrive a week before June 4th. 2 days before the move I called because we hadn't receive it yet was informed it would arrive on the 4th. Ok as long as I have it on the 4th. From the beginning I said I had service though ATT moblie phones. They sent the wrong unit. OK people make mistakes and they promised to over night the right unit. It didn't come. Then I got a phone call from my Mom’s old apartment building saying they had a package for me. I called and was angry as I did every thing I needed to do to have a unit set up when Mom moved in but then had to cancel my plans to be there for her because her unit never arrived.

We are so sorry to hear about this, Ken. We know that it’s never easy to be the sole caregiver for an aging parent and it sounds like this added a lot of frustration to your day. It sounds like your mom received her unit though. Would it help if we sent you a free lockbox for your trouble?

Nore E. from Nashville, TN

Where is my credit? I returned the system to you at my expense as my husband died. Let's get this cleared up. Please contact me as I am challenging the payment on my Visa card. Thank you.

We’re so sorry about the loss of your husband, Nore, and we feel terrible that you’ve been frustrated with the refund process. It can take up to 14 business days for our returns department to process the units that get sent back so that is probably why you have not received a refund yet.

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